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Max no. of nodes can be managed by Cloudea



What is the maximum number of nodes that can be managed using Cloudea Manager. Any restrictions/limitations or it is unlimited?  Somewhere in Stackoverflow i remember reading it as 50. Wanted to confirm.Can you please share some info on this?

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Re: Max no. of nodes can be managed by Cloudea



Functionally, anything under 1000 nodes should work in C5, but there are factors regarding what version of CM 5 (make sure you are on the latest for performance-related improvements over earlier releases) and your CM host's resources.


As far as I recall there is no imposed limit on number of nodes in CM 5.

We are looking at imposing a 100 node limit on CDH 6.1 clusters managed with Cloudera Express but that is in the works.  Thre is no functional limitation at this time.