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Moving contents of /var/lib/ to a new path/filesystem - RHEL 7 - Cloudera version 5.12.1.

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Hi Guys,


One of our customers, would want us to use a seperate filesystem for the non system (cloudera) contents under /var/lib/. In other words, they would want to have all the folders created by cloudera manager/CDH components to a different location, something like /var/lib/change/. Some of the sample contents/folders in the /var/lib/ filesystem are :

hadoop, flume-ng, cloudera-scm-server, cloudera-scm-agent, hue, zookeeper, hive, oozie, hadoop-hdfs, hadoop-yarn, hadoop-mapreduce, kafka.


Is this even allowed?. If it is allowed, can you suggest the activities to be performed to make this movement?.Would there be any issues moving the contents of /var/lib/ filesystem to a new one?.




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Re: Moving contents of /var/lib/ to a new path/filesystem - RHEL 7 - Cloudera version 5.12.1.



You want to move cloudera related files from /var/lib/ to a different file system... and you have asked 3 questions...


1. Is it possible?

2. How to do?

3. Will it create any issue?


and the answer is

1. yes it is possible

2. Don't edit directly any configuration files, instead go to each service under cloudera manager and go to configuration and search for the keyword local, dir, lib, etc... and edit as needed

3. This is more important and you have to be careful here.. because basically it is not recommended for various reasons

     a. you have mentioned so many services like zookeeper, hive, hue, etc... if you miss anyone then it may create trouble

     b. is it a brand new environment (or) already existing env, if it is already existing env then you may have to sync old data to new path 

     c. in future, when you upgrade to next version, it may go back to /var/lib again and you have to do everything from the beining and you have to consider the above point b at this time again