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MySQL with InnoDB failed

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Hi, buddies,


I meet a problem when I tried to install cdh using mysql as my external database.


After I installing the mysql and configuring it well, the cloudera scm server service log shows :

Tabes hive unsupported engin type [MyISAM, CSV]. InnoDB is required,. Table mapping : ****


I have set the innodb as the default engine of Mysql, and tried to change the existed tables to InnoDB engine. However, InnoDB engine  cannot be applied on some tables like user, tables_priv and slow_log. 

The error message is:

ERROR 1579: This storage engine cannot be used for table ***


How to resolve it?


Thanks a lot!

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Re: MySQL with InnoDB failed



You should not need to do any changes to your MySQL system tables. 

You may be doing damage to your MySQL installation!


This Tables have unsupported engine type" message appears because the Cloudera Manager database has tables in it that are not InnoDB.


To check your Cloudera Manager tables, you can connecdt to your MySQL server using the /etc/cloudera-scm-server/ configuration as a guide.  Then, run the following query:



If you haven't used Cloudera Manager yet, you can drop the tables and then start Cloudera Manager.  If your MySQL instance supports InnoDB, new tables will be created with InnoDB as the type.


Let us know if you have any questions.






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