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NameNode like virtual machine in production

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Hi Everyone, 


We are planning to put into production a Cloudera (Impala) cluster with a mix of virtual machines (VMware) and physical hosts (DataNodes), with the following configuration:


NameNode Active     (VMware Virtual Machine)

NameNode Standby (VMware Virtual Machine)

PostgreSQL Database (VMware Virtual Machine)

7 x DataNode with Impala Daemon (DELL Physical hosts)


We are a kind of new in Hadoop and CLoudera and I am wonder if only putting the NameNode and DB Machine in VMware could dramatically impact the production?  The DataNode will have good resources like 2 Sockets 12 Cores 2.8GHz, 128 GB RAM, 4 disks SATA 10K 1TB, 10Gbps Ethernet connection.


Please your comments will be very important for us.





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Re: NameNode like virtual machine in production

I think the only correct answer for this is to benchmark your setup. I do not have a good experience with mixing VM and PM. But if your IT can guarantee network throughput, latency, and specially IO latency and throughput on all the nodes, then why not?