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Older version | CDH Installation (CDH 5.13.1)



How can I install Clouldera 5.13.1 version on CentOs 6?

I downloaded bin fine from but still it installs Clouldera 5.15 version.


Also I tried by changing version in URL of Parcels method at time of installation still I can see that Clouldera 5.15 is installed.


Could you please help ?




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Re: Older version | CDH Installation (CDH 5.13.1)



Do you need to have Cloudera Manager 5.13.1 or are you mainly concerned about having CDH 5.13.1?


If you just want CDH 5.13.1, It is fine to have Cloudera Manager 5.15.1 manage it.


In Cloudera Manager, to got Administration --> Settings --> Parcels


Add the following in Remote Parcel Repository URLs:


Save and then navigate to Hosts --> Parcels

Click the Check for new Parcels button


You should now see the CDH 5.13.1 parcel is available for download.

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Re: Older version | CDH Installation (CDH 5.13.1)

Thanks for your help.


Is there any way to install cloudera manager 5.13.1 or Clouldera stopped support to install it ?

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Re: Older version | CDH Installation (CDH 5.13.1)

@bgooley Hi, I have an requirement for installing CDH5.11 to be installed in my cluster. So i have followed your above point and installed the latest Clouderamanager and post that the cluster created with CDH5.16.1(as default mentioned in the cloudera docs). And after that I have uninstalled the CD5.16.1 parcel and added the parcel repo for CDH5.11 and installed the same. Now my cluster is active with the CDH5.11. I am only bothered about my CDH5.11. Could you please confirm what i did is correct or do i need to follow any other instruction to install the CDH5.11.


Sorry to add in the old thread.


Thanks in Advance!


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