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Oozie Service cannot be reached from another hosts

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Hi ,


 We have moved from Cloudera 5.12 to Cloudera 6.1 in our application. After migrating to Cloudera 6.1, getting the error like Oozie service cannot be reached.

Done few steps to resolve but none helped like


1) Unlink few jars 

unlink ./jetty-runner-9.3.20.v20170531.jar
unlink ./javax.servlet.jsp-api-2.3.1.jar
unlink ./javax.servlet.jsp-2.3.2.jar


2) Download ext-2.2 zip and copying to /var/lib/oozie and Restarted Oozie,


All these didn't help.


I am unable to access Oozie webUi from Cloudera Manager



No error is Found in Oozie server log.



Any help would be highly appreciated.