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Package installs detected on host with parcel

Hello all,


First, I'm fairly new to Cloudera and linux in general. I have installed a small hadoop cluster running RHEL and Cloudera Hadoop. I installed all the components usning packeges. A few weeks ago I did an update of the cluster using paracels, it's so much simpler and easy to use.


Now I've got a message saying this: Package installs detected on host with parcels

Parcels are in use, but packages were also detected. Cloudera Manager recommends removing the packages. Components affected: flume-ng,hadoop,hadoop-0.20-mapreduce,hadoop-hdfs,hadoop-mapreduce,hadoop-yarn,hive,parquet,sentry,solr,zookeeper.



Uninstalling this packages with yum will be no problem I think. But that will happen to the configurations? How will HDFS, Flume, yarn and so on be affected if I uninstall the packages?

Do any of you guy have some recomendations on how I should fix this issue?




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Re: Package installs detected on host with parcel

When CM is set to managing services, its central source of configs lie within the DB. For every time a role instance is spawned, the config is generated into a special (non-/etc/…) path and the service is started with the special config dir. You could do an ls -l /var/run/cloudera-scm-agent/process on any host to see this, for example (the same files are available in the UI under any instance's Processes tab).

So even if you remove the packages, CM faces no impact since it still has the Parcel location now for the actual binaries, and the configs are within its DB, away from being affected by RPM removals.

You can also read this page for a better understanding of how CM's deployment works: