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Pracel distrution connecting to hosts that were removed from the cluster



We recently removed three hosts from a cluster managed by Cloudera Manager 5.14.2. The IP addresses from these hosts were receycled and assigned to new hosts that does not have anything to do with the CDH cluster.  Hostnames for the new hosts are different from the ones that were removed from the cluster.


While disributing a parcel, we noticed that these hosts were still being contacted for parcel distribution.


cloudera-flood.log:[07/Jan/2019 16:30:15 +0000] 9658 MainThread torrent      INFO     Save torrent: {'dht_nodes_name': [('<ip_of_removed_hosts>', 7191), ('<ip_of_removed_hosts>', 7191),('<ip_of_removed_hosts>', 7191), ('<ip_of_host_in_cluster>', 7191),...], 'ti': <libtorrent.torrent_info object at 0x7f33c8451520>, 'max_uploads': 1, 'save_path': '/opt/cloud


We have checked the HOSTS table in scm databases and it does not contain any hosts with these IP addresses. Are these IPs cached somewhere or there is some configuration that is not exposed by Cloudera Manager where they might still be lingering around.


Thanks in advance.