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Pricing for gateway nodes

Cloudera pricing is per-node:

Is it only for service nodes or for gateway nodes as well?

For example, I have a cluster:

HDFS NameNode: 1 node

HDFS DataNode: 3 nodes

HDFS gateway with my custom app using HDFS: 1 node

What is the number of nodes to pay for in this example?

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Re: Pricing for gateway nodes

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Roles with Gateway in the name and Flume agents do not carry a license requirement. Cloudera Altus Director and Cloudera Manager (assuming you don't use Navigator) doesn't require a license either.  Once a node is performing a non-gateway role, they become licenseable.  Examples of roles that DO require licenes and are counted as a node are:


  • Hue Server
  • HDFS Datanode
  • HiveServer2
  • Cloudera Navigator


In your example you would require 4 licenses, not counting Cloudera Manager/Navigator.  I encourage you to reach out to your account team to further discuss licensing options and your use cases. 


Hope this helps!


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Re: Pricing for gateway nodes

I would like just to sort out.
1. For example, if I will be using CDSW on ASW, I would have to pay the cloud provider the amounts in this table or I will have to pay this amount only Cloudera and nothing a cloud provider?

Does this pricing table include all feeses?

2. For example, if I deploy Warehouse products in AWS, do I pay Cloudera the fees in the table and pay AWS additional storage and compute fees, or not?

Best regards Alex