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SSLError on RHEL 6.7

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Hello all

I appear to be having an issue similar to this thread (SImilar not same as we are using RHEL 6.7 - not Centos)

We are running RHEL 6.7 and have tls=1 in cloudera-scm-agent/config.ini.

We have tls and signed certs all working cool, and I can log in to the manager through the URL fine.
When i check the logs at /var/log/cloudera-scm-agent/cloudera-scm-agent.log I get the following:

ERROR Heartbeating to hostname:7182 failed.
SSLError: certificate verify failed

We are using cloudera manager Version 5.4.3-1.
My /etc/hosts file has FQDN and short hostnames in.

Is this an OS related issue with Cloudera Manager and TLS as was mentioned in the other post i linked to above?
Any help much appreciated.




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Re: SSLError on RHEL 6.7