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Swap Memory Alerts

Hello All,


We have being facing issues with Swap  Alerts in our Acceptance Cluster, though there are no application jobs running we still get Swap Memory Alerts. We have not configured any threshold limits for Swap Memory alerts either in Acceptance or Production Clusters (we do not see these alerts in Production Environment ).


We have checked application logs but do not see any error in them, kindly suggest if there is anything more to be checked or done.


Cluster Details:


CM - 5.11.1

CDH - 5.0

RHEL - 7.4

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Re: Swap Memory Alerts

I think you are just receiving a warning about the fact that the system swapped out some pages. Cloudera recommends to set the swapping to a minimum level (by setting swappiness to 1

Even if you do not run anything, your OS can swap out some pages, so you should probably change this system settings and then the warning will go away,
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Re: Swap Memory Alerts

Hi Tomas79,


Thanks for the reply, Strangely I see swapping not set to what Cloudera recommends, this is my new role seems a lot needs to be done !





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