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Traffic Alert Types to Separate Email Addresses

I was wondering if there is a way or if there is a functionality in development to enable admins to direct certain alerts to separate email addresses in Cloudera Manager? Our company would like only the most urgents ones, i.e. a service/host is having serious problems (red), to go to our on-call alerting system while others in various degress to go to different admin groups for informational purposes.




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Re: Traffic Alert Types to Separate Email Addresses

Hello Ben,


The feature you request, to send different levels of alerts to different email addresses, is not available in the Alert Publisher.  Since needs vary when it comes to alerting, as of Cloudera Manager 5.5, a feature has been added to allow developers to create custom alert scripts to which Cloudera Manager will pass the alerts.  For more information see:


Configuring Custom Alert Scripts


The custom alert script feature should allow you to achieve the control you wish to have over how alerts are sent.





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Re: Traffic Alert Types to Separate Email Addresses

Hey, the alert publisher passes a json file containing the alerts to the custom script, is there a way to get that json from outside ? maybe a REST call ? thanks.