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Unable to connect to YARN webapp UI in CDH 5.11.2

This CDH cluster has been install for months, and be used to backup logs.

Today I try to run flink on yarn, and want to open yarn web ui to check flink taskmanagers' state, i find 8088 port connect refuse.

This site can’t be reached
47.74.***.*** refused to connect.
Search Google for *** *** 8088

yarn port & address config as follows:


yarn.resourcemanager.address 8032
yarn.resourcemanager.scheduler.address 8030
yarn.resourcemanager.resource-tracker.address 8031
yarn.resourcemanager.admin.address 8033
yarn.resourcemanager.webapp.address 8088
yarn.resourcemanager.webapp.https.address 8090


Even curl 'http://ip:8088' on the resource manager host, also get "connection refuse"

[root@bigdata-cdh02 ~]# netstat -tunlp|grep 8088
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 20606/java

BTW, I check yarn logs, it seems that yarn has successfully allocated resources for flink.



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