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Unable to enable Spark UI in Hue on CDH 5.0 Quickstart VM.

I installed CDH 5.0 Quickstart VM. I wanted to enable the Spark UI in Hue. I went to the Hue Configuration http://localhost.localdomain:8888/desktop/dump_config and saw that app_blacklist = spark in the Desktop section. I then went to CM, clicked on Hue in the status monitor and then Configuration, "View Edit". This took me to this URL: http://localhost.localdomain:7180/cmf/services/6/config. From here, I could not find the settings for Desktop or app_blacklist. How can I change this and enable the Spark UI?

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Re: Unable to enable Spark UI in Hue on CDH 5.0 Quickstart VM.

The app is disabled by default because it requires some features that are not quite ready to be completely supported across CDH and CM just yet, but look for them in a future release. You can find the details about getting it working here:


Specifically, you can enable the app by adding the following to the "Hue Service Advanced Configuration Snippet" (safety valve in CM configuration for Hue):


You will also need to download, configure and start the Spark Job Server, which is not an official component of Spark at the moment - you can find all those details on that page as well.


Good luck!