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Unable to view Flume full log file

I get this error message when we clicking 'Full log file' link under Processes->Flume on the host running flume agent in Cloudera Manager:


[Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/log/flume-ng/flume-cmf-flume-AGENT-<node>.log'


I'm able to get to 'Stderr' and 'Stdout' and view the log. Also, the 'Full log file' for other services running on the same host such hdfs, Impala,etc works fine.


I'm on CDH 5.3.2. How do I go about fixing this issue?



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Re: Unable to view Flume full log file

Sounds like you're missing the node variable in your setup of cloudera.


I would add the node variable and see if that works.


I had the same issue and once I inserted the var it worked.


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