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Update Cloudera : CDH 5.3 -> CDH 5.8, hosts are reporting with NONE CDH version

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I did the update by folowing the tuorial:


I had no problems until I  started Cloudera Manager.

In fact, I cannot start Cloudera Manager Services, and I cannot start any services on Cloudera Manager. 


When I want to start Cloudera Manager Services I have:


Command aborted because of exception: Command timed-out after 90 seconds

Also the resume page had:

7 hosts are reporting with NONE CDH version

I did a yum list installed | grep cloud on each machine and on each of it I have:

cloudera-manager-agent.x86_64   5.8.1-1.cm581.p0.7.el6 @cloudera-manager        
cloudera-manager-daemons.x86_64 5.8.1-1.cm581.p0.7.el6 @cloudera-manager        
oracle-j2sdk1.7.x86_64          1.7.0+update67-1       @cloudera-director 

so normally I have no conflict in the version of Cloudera ..



I haven't seen any post with this error for un update..


Thank you