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Updating/Changing External Db for Cloudera Manager and Hive

Hello Team,


Require your help for below.


1. We have Cloudera Cluster running with External DB as Oracle used by Cloudera Manager, Hive, Navigator, Sentry, Oozie, Hue, etc.


There are some issues at existing Oracle DB due to which we planning to migrate to another External Oracle Instance as DB for services mentioned in step 1.


Oracle DBA helping us to Clone Data from Original Oracle DB to new Oracle DB.


I just wanted to verify steps which i mentioned below.


1. Stop the Cluster, Stop the cloudera Manager and Agent(all Nodes)

2. Ask Oracle DBA to clone the DB

3. Oracle DBA will provide new Oracle DB details

4. Will update Oracle DB details from command line to Cloudera Manager

5. Start the Cloudera Manager and agent(all Nodes)

6. All ok, then update configs for HIVE, Sentry, Hue, Oozie with new Oracle DB details

7. Start each service 1 by 1.


Kindly confirm if i am missing any steps.


- Vijay 

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Re: Updating/Changing External Db for Cloudera Manager and Hive

I have done similar for myself . The steps you mentioned above looks fine.