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Upgrade to Cloudera Manager 6.1.0

Hi Team,




I am currently using Cloudera Manager 5.16 and CDH 5.16 and want to upgrade to Cloudera Manager 6.1.0. and CDH 6.1.0 . As per the Supported upgrade paths  we can upgrade to 6.1.0 from 5.16(correct me if I am wrong). But according to Upgrade Cloudera Manager and Upgrade CDH suggest that I will have to upgrade to 5.7 first and then I will be able to upgrade to 6.1.0 .


This is a bit confusing can you please help me out with this one.





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Re: Upgrade to Cloudera Manager 6.1.0

Misunderstanding here, note the document explicitly references upgrade to Cloudera Manager 6.0. That was a restriction for CM 6.0 but since CM 6.1 you can upgrade straight from CM 5.16 to 6.1.0.