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Which Host Should HDFS "Balancer" Role Reside?

Hi All, does the "Balancer" role itself use any resources?  Does it matter which host the role resides (e.g. NameNode, Edge Node, etc)? Thank you.

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Re: Which Host Should HDFS "Balancer" Role Reside?

hi @DataMike ,

The Balancer role is normally added (by default) when the HDFS service is installed,
so the "Balancer" Resides usally in your nameNode , but to make sure where it's assigned you can check HDFS->Instances 
then check the role Type , you'll find the role 'balancer' assigned to a host ( usally it's the nameNode ) .


for  your second question I guess it's better to use the nameNode just to maintain the architecture since we're talking about checking all the other DataNodes,moving blocks...