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Yarn Application failed on out of memory

Where does cloudera manager fetch the information when we select historical timeframe in YARN applications ?

When selecting 10hrs duration, there are more than 4500 applications run on YARN. However, only 100 results are shown with message " More queries match your filter than can be displayed. Try narrowing your search filter or decreasing the time range over which you are searching". Same is the case with export as JSON. There is an API option to specify limit but that is maxed out at 1000, but I have 4500 applications run during the time frame I have selected. 


How can I extract all the job details in JSON format from API regardless of any limit ? Does Cloudera store this information in Internal Database or as JSON file in Hdfs ?




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Re: Yarn Application failed on out of memory

I have the same question. I'm just following this thread. :)