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Zookeeper Setup for 2 Rack Data center



We have a 2 rack data center and both the rack has multiple servers. We are looking to setup the zookeeper nodes on these servers and it should provide failover mechanism in case of any rack failure.

Based on zookeeper admin requirement, it needs 2F+1 number of nodes and odd number of nodes in a quorum.

So in my case let say, i setup 3 zookeeper nodes on rack A and 4 on rack B. So total nodes in quorum is 7. Based on 2F+1 if rack B goes down then F is 4 here and it needs 9 nodes. If Rack A goes down then it 7. So the scenario of complete rack failure(Rack B) with with larger number of nodes will not sustain.


I want to understand if zookeeper is preferable solution to be used in case of applications with 2 rack datacenter. If yes, how can i build the infrastructure in such case.


Please reach me out if any information is needed.