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cloudera manager installation fails

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I try to create a cluster with all-services on AWS. The Director is working properly but when I try to install the CM, it fails every time. In the Directors application.log I found this error:

[2018-04-18 05:30:04.192 -0400] ERROR [qtp691854979-14] cbd2f8f6-0f9c-46e4-942f-d8b2a2fa8ec5 POST /api/v11/environments/sensor-01/templates/instances - - c.c.l.a.c.ValidationExceptionHandler: Found validation issues

com.cloudera.launchpad.api.common.InstanceTemplatesResource$InvalidInstanceTemplateException: Validation errors:

ErrorInfo{code=PROVIDER_EXCEPTION, properties={message=Invalid security group ID: subnet-6b421203}, causes=[]}


but the subnet ID is good.

In the cloudera-scm-server.log I found this right after the installation started:


ERROR: relation "cm_version" does not exist
  Position: 21


I use this ami: ami-b6688dd9 with cloudera director 2.7.1 on a c4.large instance and the same ami for the cloudera manager 5.14.2 on an m4.large instance. 


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