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deactive parcel after restart cloudera-scm-agent

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I have a cluster consist of 7 nodes. Ony ONE of the node delete the activited parcels every time after restart. It delete all the files in /opt/cloudera/parcels except the soft links.

Could anyone help me?


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Re: deactive parcel after restart cloudera-scm-agent



This can happen if this host was never properly added to the cluster. The agent is stateless by design and it relies on the model state provided to it by Cloudera Manager. You cannot manually deploy parcels on host which are managed by Cloudera Manager. Cloudera Manager will simply instruct the agent to remove the parcels.


When the host comes up you should review the state of operations in Cloudera Manager. Please be sure to visit the Parcel management page and see weather or not the system is attempting to deploy Parcels on any host. If this is not happening, you may need to remove the host from the cluster and re-add it. It may also be possible to force parcel distribution through the CM api despite it's present status.


Please review our API documentation. Specifically the parcel commands.


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