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downgrading to version 5.3.3 fro 5.4.7

How do I downgrade a new installation currently on 5.4.7

unfortunately we are running into issues with hbase 1.0.0 with thrift

we would like to downgrade to CDH 5.3.3

The reasoning is that our current production cluster is 5.3.3 and its working

I don't necessarily need to downgrade CDH, but hbase to be 0.98.6

how do I do that without losing data. 

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Re: downgrading to version 5.3.3 fro 5.4.7

Downgrading just one component is not supported or advisable. What problem
in HBase 1.0 is prompting this downgrade? Maybe we can help resolve that.

Gautam Gopalakrishnan
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Re: downgrading to version 5.3.3 fro 5.4.7


posted on hbase forum here


We use javascript to stream data into hbase via thrift server

the thrift server gets the above warning, and closes all existing connections.   New connections cannot be established and the connection pool just fills up.


Other forums

someone eluded that I am running into HBASE-14533