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how to set Password Less SSH between instances? cloudera manager cluster for hadoop.

I create 3 instances of Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS using Amazon EC2 to setup cloudera manager cluster. get problem with Password Less SSH. i follow the step "" to implement, and when i run "ssh slaverhostname",it shows
Permission denied (publickey).and if i run "ssh -i ~/.ssh/pemfile.pem slaverhostname", i can connect to slaver instance successful. this can not satisfy my requirement.
I search on Google and get another answer "", run "eval "$(ssh-agent)"" and "ssh-add ~/.ssh/pemfile.pem", then i can use "ssh slaverhostname" successful.but if i reboot instance, ssh command does not work again, i have to run "eval "$(ssh-agent)"" and "ssh-add ~/.ssh/pemfile.pem" again.
So is there any solution that i can implement then i can use "ssh slaverhostname" all the time?