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internal hostname and external hostname/dns

Hi there,


I have setup a cluster in a private network with internal DNS, how am I able to create external subdomain and point to the servers and access it through internet without any problem? I have created the subdomain but whenever I clicked on the Namenode UI, it will only point to inrternal hostname, not internet hostname.



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Re: internal hostname and external hostname/dns





Based on your description, it appears the complaint is that when you click on the Cloudera Manager link for the NameNode UI, it uses the "internal" hostname.  This cannot be influenced unless you changed the name of the internal host to match the hostname your browser is using.  Cloudera Manager generates the URL based on the hostname and domain of the hosts on which the roles are running.


I would recommend either adding the internal hostname as an alias (maybe in hosts file) so the external clients know how to resolve to the correct IP.


There are other ways to work around this... for example,  I think using a reverse proxy with URL rewrite rules may work, for instance depending on your host naming scheme would be something that is possible.


A low-tech solution would be to build a list of URLs that use the public host/IP and put them in web page rather than using the URLs generated by CM.




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Re: internal hostname and external hostname/dns

Thank you for your reply, let me have a look on the suggested solutions.



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Re: internal hostname and external hostname/dns

Did you solve it? I'm trying to use mod rewrite but I can't make it work

Thank you