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public access to hadoop web interfaces

All of the Web UIs for hadoop services (yarn history server, resourcemanger; HDFS namenode webUI; etc) all seem to bind to internal addresses on the cluster and then cant be seen outside of the cluster.   


# ss -n | grep 19888

tcp    ESTAB      0      0                  

tcp    ESTAB      0      0                  


Id like these to be accessable via a different interface (10.X.Y.Z) which whould allow users to see the pages.


Is this possible?

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Re: public access to hadoop web interfaces



If you want all ports for HDFS and YARN to bind to the wildcard address, you can configure this in Cloudera Manager.


In Configuration, search for:


"Wildcard Address"


You can enable this and restart the roles as desired.


Note, it will change *all* ports for that role, not just the web UIs.