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retry button disappeared after failed tasks while configuring kerberos CDH 5.13.3

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While configuring kerebros in my cluster (CDH 5.13.3)., i got a failed task at the end.I took some time to fix the issue and when came back to press "Retry" button., nothing was there.No "back" and "forward" button also. And i m stuck in middle of the process. I am not refreshing the page., as it may cause the affect for kerberos configuration and hence the  services those are alredy installed in the cluster.  Please suggest. i am sure the control buttons disappered as i put the page idle for long time., doing the workaround for failed task. No how can i proceed with the kerberos configuration and setting in the cluster at this stage where its almost reached the end..



Please give me your valueable suggestions. Thanks in advance.