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update core-site.xml when setting up a Cluster-Dedicated KDC and Default Realm

I am trying to install Cloudera Manager on docker with existing kerberos CDH. I got a cm-deployment.json file from other Cloudera

Manager, and deploy on the docker successfully.


After starting the Cloudera Manager on docker, HDFS works well. But HBase, Hive and other services cannot connect for Gass initiate

failed problem. Check on the document, seems for below problem: "If your site already has a working KDC, and any existing principals share the same name as any of the principals that Cloudera Manager creates, the Cloudera Manager Server generates a new randomized key for those principals, and consequently causes existing keytabs to become invalid." which is from:


Now I am trying to config Cluster-Dedicated, but I do not know how to config the core-site.xml. So can you detail the document?