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Changing port on Solr and Zookeeper in CDH 5.16.1

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I have completed the installation of CDH 5.16.1 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with OpenJDK 8.


My employer has developed a UI using Banana (currently packaged with Fusion) that I am required to run on a VM hosted in my machine. The Banana UI needs Solr both to operate and to store data collections that can be visualised. In this case, the Solr instance within the VM uses ports 8983 and 7574. The Banana UI also has a unique security feature developed by my employer (which I have to familirise myself with) that does not yet allow me to host the entire contents of the VM on my server which also hosts the Cloudera CDH instance.


Due to the above arrangement, it is not possible for me to startup Cloudera CDH (though Cloudera Manager is still running). This has proven to be a difficulty since I need to use Solr and also use the various tools (Spark etc).


Could you tell me how I could change the default port for Cloudera Solr (from 8983 to an appropriate port) and for Cloudera Zookeeper (from 2181 to an appropriate port)? I hma not very familiar with the layout or intricacies of the Cloudera Manager on CDH 5.16.1. Thank you.

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Re: Changing port on Solr and Zookeeper in CDH 5.16.1



You can go to Cloudera Manager -> Solr -> Configuration, and there you can change the following parameters:

Solr HTTP Port (default 8983)

Solr Admin Port (default 8984)

Solr HTTPs Port (default 8985)


Similarly for Zookeeper, you can change the client port (where Solr will connect to, default 2181), and also the Quorum Port, Election Port and JMX Remote Port if they are also conflicting with outher services.


After you save the changes, please go to the Cloudera Manager home page, you will see blue icons near the service names indicating the need of redeploying client configuration and orange icons indicating the need to restart affected services. For example, the Solr client configuration variable ZK_QUORUM and the environment variable SOLR_ZK_ENSEMBLE needs to be updated to reflect the new client port - this is all done by CM when redeploying client configs. You can do so either by following the blue icon(s) or by selecting 'Deploy Client Configurations' from the dropdown triangle to the right of the cluster name. You will also need to restart the affected services.


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Re: Changing port on Solr and Zookeeper in CDH 5.16.1

Hi Istvan,


Thank you for your reply and apologies for the delay. I have carried out the changes you adviced, including changing the following:


Solr HTTP Port (default 8983) to 8986

Solr Admin Port (default 8984) to 8987

Solr HTTPs Port (default 8985) to 8988


ZK Client Port (default 2181) to 2182

Quorum Port (default 3181) to 3182

Election Port (default 4181) to 4182

JMX Remote Port (default 9010) to 9011


I then started Cloudera becuase it was not running since I shut it down months prior. Everything worked normally. The Banana dahsboard I mentioned earlier worked fine, indicating that there is no conflict with Cloudera Search, as had happened much earlier.


However, in trying to create a collection in Cloudera Search as a means of testing my installation, I ran into the file, where SOLR_ZK_ENSEMBLE still points to port 2181. 


Since you had stated that Cloudera Manager would update the affected client configurations on starting /restarting, I am at a loss as to how this could be.


Should I change these configurations manually? If so, what should I change, and what is the process for this?


Thank you


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Re: Changing port on Solr and Zookeeper in CDH 5.16.1

Hi Istvan,


I had managed to carry out the changes successfully. Am grateful for your assistance.