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Oozie Sub workflow solr curl command fails in kerberozied cluster

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    We have a kerberoized cluster and written a oozie job where from main workflow(workflow.xml) we are submitting the subworkflow(subworkflow.xml).


     In Subworkflow we have shell script with below command.


     curl -s --negotiate -u : "http://xxxx:8983/solr/xx_collection_shard1_replica3/select?q=xxx_TIME%3A%5B2018-07-30T00%3A00%3A00.000Z+TO+2018-07-30T23%3A59%3A59.999Z%5D&wt=json&indent=true&rows=0"



     When it executing we are getting HTTP Status 401 - Authentication required error.


     Same shell script are available in main workflow shell action and its working fine and returns us response.


     Only we have problem when executing from subworkflow..



    "Our obseration" is before each submittion of oozie job we do kinit. so main workflow taking the credentails from kinit. But in the subworkflow the main workflow is the user who submits the job may be due to this the credentials are lost.




Please help us on this to solve the issue.



Thanks & Regards,

J.Ganesh Kumar.