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Phrase fuzzy search on solr

i am able to do fuzzy search on single word in solr for example the paragraph indexed in solr is :

my name is tarek abouzeid and i am testting the big data technology .


for example i can apply fuzzy search on the word testing like this :
testing~0.6     ==> i get the paragraph normally 


but what if i want to apply fuzzy search on the phrase "tarek abouzeid" with fuzzy value 0.6 ?

thanks in advance  

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Re: Phrase fuzzy search on solr

i found out that's practically imposible to do so using solr's default query parser , we can use a custom query parser that tokenize the query and apply fuzzy for each work individually , as solr's default query parser handle the following query :
"testing big data"~SLOPE_VALUE


where slope is the distance between each word not fuzzy value for each word