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Replica in SolrCloud does not change from Recovery mode to Active mode.

We are using SolrCloud and update document by Lily HBase NRT Indexer.
CDH version is 5.9.1, Solr version 4.10.3 and configured 2 shard - 2 replica.


HBase NRT Indexer is updating document and when Replica node was restarted Replica status is going on Recovery mode.


However, the recovery operation continues and does not change to the Active state.


I understand that When a Leader receives an update request, the Leader sends an update log to the Replica, But if the Replica state is Recovery mode then updated to transaction log without commit.

I think that Transaction Log replay operation is cannot complete because Transaction Log replay operation is very slow more then be updating log by Leader.


Is that right I think it is? So, Is there a way to solve this without stopping the Lily HBase Indexer process?


Thank you.