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Solr in HUE not working

I am trying to download solr examples from HUE administrator:-


It gives an error like this :-


Could not create instance directory. Check if [indexer] solr_zk_ensemble is correct in Hue config and look at the Solr error logs for more info


Error logs does not give any error.


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Re: Solr in HUE not working


Couple of questions:

1. What version of CDH are you running?
2. If you go to "/desktop/dump_config" and go to "Configuration
Sections and Variables" and click on "indexer", is the value
"solr_zk_ensemble" correct? If you are not sure, install the Solr gateway
on a node if not already installed and then
review /etc/solr/conf/ and see what the value is there.
3. Try the following safety valve in Hue->Configuration->Hue
Server->Advanced->Hue Server Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve)
for hue_safety_valve_server.ini:



Restart Hue and try again.

4. On the solr gateway node above, try running "solrctl collection --list"
and see if that command works. Also run "solrctl instancedir --list".