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Solr trucated results

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I've encountered an issue with Solr 4.10.3 and Hue 3.10: in Cloudera Search some searches that return documents with a large field only show a small portion of the returned results. These portions only contain the highlighted matches and some text before and after the highlights and vary from search to search.
If, for instance, I search a word that is on the top of the document, I only get the top of the document, if I search a string which occurs in the bottom, I only get that part. If I search two strings, one which occurs at the top and the other on the bottom, I get the whole document as a result. 
This problem occurs both in a HTML view (using {{field_name}} for retrieving the desidered result), both in the Grid view. In the latter scenario, filtering for the the desired field, the result snippet contains only a small portion of the entire field, while expanding the result it appears complete.
Have you ever encountered the same problem?
How could I assure that in the HTML view, using {{field_name}} the field is always returned in its complete form?
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