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SolrCloud with Zookeeper range is null how to fix

Hi, I am using solrcloud 4.4 with compositeId router.
1 collection with 3 Shards, Each shard has a replica. Each physical server has 1 shard (leader and replica) and 1 zookeeper.
When i approach the solr via code -> i do it via cloud watcher for balancing (although i thought the zookeeper should do it - this is how i got this system)
Last week one of the servers went offline, and when they came back. there are now 3 shards, and one of them is not working well. I receive exception:
No active slice servicing hash code 7b50d0a2 in DocCollection
I looked at the cluster state json, and i found this:
shard 1: "range":"80000000-d554ffff"
shard 2: "range":"d5550000-2aa9ffff"
shard 3: null

The exception makes sense ! the range for that input has been deleted.

My question, What is the proper way to fix it, I know the range (calculate it) - but could not succeed on setting them on the shard.
Where are the ranges being set ?

In Collection API I saw delete shard, and it was successfully deleted, but i tried to create a new shard with the range specified, and it created a shard but not in the range i mentioned.