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solr showing schema.xml file of other collection

Hi All,


         Recently I faced a issue of indexing and searching a data from the collection. So went to see the schema.xml file from the solr admin console and noticied that the schema.xml has been changed and it was another collection schema.xml it showing in the admin console for the collection. I was really shocked and i really dont know how it was happened. 


         And fortunatly data is not deleted. kindly help to revert back the schema.xml of that collection and make the collection querable and indexable.


Please help me since it is very urgent


Thanks in advance.

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Re: solr showing schema.xml file of other collection

I solved this issue by updating correct config files using the below commands.



solrctl --zk ${ZOOKEEPER_CONNECT} instancedir --update collection_name ${WORKINGDIR}/collectionIndex


solrctl --zk ${ZOOKEEPER_CONNECT} collection --reload collection_name