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Welcome to the Stream Processing Group!

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Welcome to the Stream Processing Group!


It's our hope that here you will be able to learn more about Stream Processing by asking questions and reading other materials that similar minded folks have shared. By using the Stream Processing Community Edition you will be able to easily start to play with the technology on your local machine, allowing you to understand the value of it for solving your use cases. If you're already an existing Stream Processing user the Community Edition is your gateway into trying new features to better understand the value of upgrading your existing deployments to the latest versions. 


Cloudera Stream Processing is powered by Apache Flink and Kafka and provides a complete, enterprise-grade stream management and stateful processing solution. The combination of Kafka as the storage streaming substrate, Flink as the core in-stream processing engine, and first-class support for industry standard interfaces like SQL and REST allows developers, data analysts, and data scientist to easily build hybrid streaming data pipelines that power real-time data products, dashboards, business intelligence apps, microservices, and data science notebooks. 


Check out our getting started post linked below to download the community edition and get started with some simple tutorials, find other connectors, or read some blogs to learn more. 


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