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Monday's: Chicago Apache Apex Meetup

Topic: Capital One’s Evaluation of Stream Processing Platforms for Threat Detection

Date and Time: Monday, November 2, 2015

Location: Chicago, IL

Meetup link:



Join us at the Capital One Office in Chicago, where the Capital One Vault 8 team will take us through their investigation of a large set of platforms for real-time streaming. We will learn how they evaluated these technologies for their streaming use case, ultimately selecting Apache Apex.

The main presenter will be IIya Ganelin, a Data Engineer at Capital One who will walk us through his team’s innovation and modernization of an aging core decisioning system inside Capital One’s architecture, which has served Capital One for many years

With  growing access to modern technology, social media and new tools, the threat landscape has become more sophisticated and dynamic than ever before. Financial services institutions must revolutionize to keep up with the ever changing threat landscape, necessitating the latest and greatest technologies to drive the most favorable business and consumer outcomes.  More than ever, there’s a fundamental need for dynamic and flexible machine learning powered by huge amounts of data in a real-time distributed environment. To tackle this challenge, the Vault 8 team launched a thorough investigation of available technologies with a focus on the business goals and requirements. This talk will present their findings, with an intimate journey into how requirements ultimately translate into technology selection, and of course, some fantastic results!