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September 30th DC CUG meetup
  • Date/Time: September 30th at 6pm
  • Location: General Assembly DC 1133 15th Street NW, Washington, DC
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The Role of Big Data Nervous System in Healthcare and Genomics


Healthcare data comes in many shapes and sizes i.e. insurance claims, physician notes, patient scans and information from IoT devices. 


Population genomics data sets are extremely large and have far-reaching consequences for designing drugs/ vaccines for particular population based on the small differences in different genomes. 

Healthcare and Life Sciences firms are faced with following challenges:

1. How to get useful or interpretable data from the large data set that has lot of redundant information in it?

2. How to identify useful data from the large incoming data flow in real time? 

3. How to effectively deal with heterogenous data and make extraction and integration simple?


Learn how the thought leaders of Big Data: StreamSets, InstantStack and Cloudera got together to deliver a Big Data Nervous System that helps you derive instant value from data in your organization. 


Get your questions answered around:

1. What are top 5 use cases that I can solve immediately?

2. How do you manage Data Drift with high performance data flows? 

3. Why Data Nervous System is elixir of Big Data ecosystem?

4. How InstantStack's Business Server accelerates your Big Data projects?

5.  Know how Adaptive Consulting Framework can deliver quick results? 

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