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Wrangle, Data Science Community Conference

We have remaining slots open for our annual Wrangle data science conference in San Francisco on July 20th at the Chapel.  This is our 3rd year and by far the best lineup we’ve had.  Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from these amazing speakers about the latest innovations and challenges in data science.


Here’s our lineup for the day:


  • Drew Conway, Aluvium “What Would A CIA Data Scientist Do?”
  • Tyler Schnoenbelen, “The Ethics of Everybody Else”
  • Sui Huang, Netflix “Unlocking the Power of Social Chatter; Recent Endeavors at Netflix”
  • Trey Causey, Socrata “Digital Government: Data + Government Isn’t Enough”
  • Sean Taylor, Facebook “Measurment with Intention”
  • Derek Steer, Mode and Matt Brandwein, Cloudera “Challenges in Building Data Science Products”
  • Jasmine Tsai, Clover Health “The ‘Joy’ and Surprise of Healthcare Data”
  • Erin Shellman, Zymergen “Building Robust Pipelines with Airflow”
  • Joe Hellerstein, Trifacta, Jeff Magnusson, Stitchfix, Maxime Beauchamin, Airbnb “Panel: ETL Best Practices”
  • Sharath Rao, Instacart “Lessons from Integrating Machine Learning Models into Data Products”


A big thank you to our Wrangle 2017 Sponsors: Airbnb, Trifacta, Mode, Lucidworks, SF HUG, Silicon Valley Big Data, and The Hive Think Tank


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