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Thanks for putting work into this. Can you speak to the difference with your approach vs using:

1. cloudbreak ambari-docker

2. using docker compose and/or ansible container.

Also does this support kerberos?

If after review this looks promising.... i plan to integrate a few tasks/roles via ansible to automate some of the manual setup


Your scripts and instructions are wonderful.... I ran out of space on virtualbox disk.

Thank you

Cloudera Employee

@Sonny Heer I missed to notice your questions. To answer-

1. This approach is more suitable if you were to use physical hardware and run HDP cluster nodes on docker instances.

2. Instead of using docker compose to define the cluster, here we prepare ambari agent/server images for various versions and use the scripts to setup the required infrastructure, and bring up a cluster.

3. At the moment, we can't enable kerberos right when the cluster is created, but there are scripts in there to quickly kerberize an hdp cluster once it is created.

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