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Repo Description
  • check_ambari_*.pl - Hadoop cluster checks via Ambari API - checks the service status, node(s) status, stale configs, cluster alerts summary, host alerts summary, cluster health report, kerberos enabled, cluster version, service config compatible with stack and cluster
  • check_hadoop_*.pl - various Apache Hadoop monitoring utilities for various components
  • check_hbase_*.pl - various HBase monitoring utilities
  • check_zookeeper*.pl - ZooKeeper server and znode checks
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Github account name harisekhon
Repo name nagios-plugins
@Hari Sekhon

i followed you on github related to add nagios plugins , but having difficulty to add the plugins and work with it in the current apache hadoop hbase cluster , can you provide any link or document where i can get help in a bit detail

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Asif the links to Nagios documentation is near the bottom of the README and the plugins all come with --help and work like every other nagios plugin from the original nagios plugins package. You generally just have to read the documentation description and command line switches from --help.