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Apache MiNiFi is the next generation of data flow management and processing. MiNiFi allows data flow administrator to reach devices further out on the edge than previously possible. Given the lightweight nature of Apache MiNiFi certain elements have been stripped away to allow for smaller binary size when running on embedded devices. A UI designer happened to be one of the things that had to go. Apache MiNiFi relies on data flow administrators to instead develop the flows they would like to run on Apache NiFi and then convert those XML templates to the MiNiFi friendly YML format. That transformation requires downloading a utility and running it from the commandline. This approach is not always possible for administrators operating in limited environments. This utility aims to help with this issue by allowing administrators/users to upload an existing NiFi XML and then outputting the MiNiFi YML without the need for invoking the commandline toolkit.

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Github account name jdye64
Repo name minifi-toolkit-ui
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