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Dropwizard Metrics is a very prevalent and easy to use framework for collecting metrics for some application. It contains a number of reporting mechanisms (e.g. console, Graphite, Ganglia) and provides an interface to create custom reporting mechanisms.

The Reporter referred to here is an implementation that supports sending the metrics collected in Dropwizard Metrics and send them to the configured Apache Hadoop Metrics2 system. This allows applications to use the Dropwizard Metrics API but send the metrics information to Metrics2 sinks (e.g. Ambari Metrics System).

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Thanks, looks like almost what I need!

I would like to use this to report metrics from Dropwizard API to AMS (Ambari Metrics System).

As I understand this reporter converts dropwizard metrics into Metrics2 source.

To push metrics to AMS from my app, I would need a Metrics2 sink, e.g. over AMS REST API.

I have only found the implementations for Ambari service sinks like Kafka, Hadoop etc based on quite complicated abstractions.

Does somebody know whether there is already a general implementation of AMS Metrics2 sink?

I don't know of an implementation which is de-coupled from Ambari, but Ambari itself (obviously) provides one which is how components currently ship their metrics to AMS. I know that Apache Hive is also using this library in their project -- you may be able to glean something from their codebase as well. Sorry I don't have specific pointers for you.

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