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Repo Description
  • - Ambari Blueprint tool using Ambari API
  • hadoop_hdfs_time_block_reads.jy - Hadoop HDFS per-block read timing debugger
  • hadoop_hdfs_files_native_checksums.jy - fetches native HDFS checksums via API
  • hadoop_hdfs_files_stats.jy - fetches HDFS file stats via API
  • pig-text-to-elasticsearch.pig / pig-text-to-solr.pig - bulk indexes unstructured files in Hadoop to Elasticsearch or Solr/SolrCloud clusters, Pig Jython UDFs
  • - per-user authenticated IPython Notebook + PySpark integration
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Github Repo URL
Github account name harisekhon
Repo name pytools
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‎12-17-2015 04:22 PM
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