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Repo Description

This repo provides a script to provision a single node environment of IBM BigSQL on top of HDP 2.6.5 on CentOS 6/7 or RHEL 6/7. The script deploys a single node of HDP 2.6.5 including Knox, Hive, HBase, Zeppelin, and installs IBM BigSQL 5.0.2 on top, along with IBM BigSQL Data Server Manager.

The script provides the bigsql interpreter in Apache Zeppelin to interact with BigSQL, as well as the IBM Great Outdoors Company dataset. The environment is suitable for self-enablement, demonstrations, and functional testing. The script provides multiple ways of deploying BigSQL. It can be used to deploy BigSQL on top of an existing single HDP node environment such as an HDP Sandbox, or install the entire environment on an empty Linux VM on an Cloud environment such as AWS.

Support will be provided as best effort basis through this HCC post.

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Repo name ibm-bigsql-deploy
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‎05-24-2018 09:23 PM
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