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Repo Description

This project is meant to be a reference application/assembly for an IOT use case. The project consists of 5 projects:

  1. trucking-data-simulator - Data simulator
  2. trucking-domain-objects - Common trucking domain objects used across projects
  3. trucking-storm-topology - Storm Topology to process trucking events in realtime
  4. trucking-env-setup - Set of scripts to setup the cluster
  5. trucking-web-portal - A web application that allows you to deploy the storm topoloyg and tap into the real-time trucking data using websockets from Active/MQ and Storm


Repo Info
Github Repo URL
Github account name georgevetticaden/hdp/tree/master/reference-apps
Repo name iot-trucking-app
Expert Contributor

Hi @George Vetticaden

I have been following the steps to the trucking app, but unfortunately keep getting an error at this step:

  1. cd workspace/hdp/reference-apps/iot-trucking-app
  2. mvn clean install -DskipTests=true

I get the following errors.

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project trucking-data-simulator: Could not resolve dependencies for project hortonworks.hdp.refapp.trucking:trucking-data-simu lator:jar:5.0.0-SNAPSHOT: Failure to find com.hortonworks.registries:schema-regi stry-serdes:jar:0.1.0-SNAPSHOT in ithub-releases/ was cached in the local repository, resolution will not be reatt empted until the update interval of github-releases has elapsed or updates are f orced -> [Help 1]

Have i gone wrong somewhere? I would greatly appreciate any feedback, thank you.

Expert Contributor

I am running it on HDF ambari 2.4.2