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Repo Description
  • Deploy & configure NiFi templates with a touch of a button (or, rather, a single command)
  • Specify a URI to fetch a Template from - meaning it can be a local file system, remote HTTP URL, or any other exotic location for which you have a URLHandler installed
  • Describe NiFi state and configuration properties for things you want tweaked in a template. YAML format came out to be the cleanest and most usable option (YAML is a subset of JSON)
  • (Recommended) Tell NiFi what things are in your way and have them undeployed as part of the process. Good idea if one wants a deployment to be idempotent.
Repo Info
Github Repo URL
Github account name aperepel
Repo name nifi-api-deploy
New Contributor

Hi Andrew,

Silly question, however as the nifi-api-deploy been updated to use the latest NiFi API, or still pointing at the old?


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‎03-14-2016 01:56 PM
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