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This package provides pythonic calls for common NiFi tasks and CICD/SDLC integrations
You might call it Flow Development LifeCycle.

These are implemented by replicating the action of the same task in the GUI and surfacing the underlying NiFi Data structures and calls wherever possible, to retain UX parallelism for the user. Docs available on ReadTheDocs

Functionality Highlights:
  • Full native Python rest client for NiFi and NiFi-Registry
  • CRUD wrappers for common task areas like Processor Groups, Processors, Templates, Registry Clients, Registry Buckets, Registry Flows, etc.
  • Convenience functions for inventory tasks, such as recursively retrieving the entire canvas, or a flat list of all Process Groups
  • Docker Compose configurations for testing and deployment
  • Limited support for scheduling components
  • A scripted deployment of an interactive environment for testing and demonstration purposes
Coming soon:
  • Secured environment support is not currently implemented, but it is planned to be done very soon
  • Support for complex scheduling requests, such as stopping a large flow and waiting for all Processors to be halted
  • Support for edge cases during Versioning changes, such as Reverting a flow containing live data
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